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Can I change the shipment review title into my own language?

Yes, you can.

Here is the steps:

Go to tracking page section > edit language
tracking page > edit language

Choose the language you want or "custom": only 7 languages supported now (Chinese, English, French, Germany, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese)
choose the language you want or choose "custom"

Scroll your mouse to the bottom and you will see review title in "review" section
review title

Save or discard
save or discard


In English by default:
"Rate your delivery experience" in English

In Spanish
choose Spanish
review title in Spanish

Custom language: choose "custom" & t
ranslate it by yourself
choose "custom"
custom the language in RU

Note: Multilingual tracking page is only available in Basic and higher plans. If you are under free plan and want this feature, kindly please choose "upgrade" on the right top to upgrade to basic+ plan.
change plan

Updated on: 19/09/2023

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