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Getting started


Thank you for trying ShipWill!
We will automatically sync your orders from Shopify and help you ship with USPS now. We can provide you with the lowest rates possible and help you streamline your shipping workflow.

Quick Start

When you install ShipWill for the first time, we will automatically sync your orders for the past 30 days!

1. Setting up preferences

After installing the App, your addresses will be automatically synced. Here are some preference settings to simplify your fulfillment process, they can all be found in the Settings page:
● Carriers
● Printing configurations (labels & packing slips)
● Addresses
● Packages

2. Buy labels

You can go to Orders to check all of your orders and buy labels there.

● If you have already set up your package template, then there shouldn't be much work for you to do before you can buy a label.
● You can dive into details by clicking a specific order.

● You can select multiple orders, make some edits, download packing slips or buy all labels with one click.

3. Print labels

After a label has been successfully created, they will appear in the Shipments page.

You are able to print a label, track its shipping status or request a refund. Besides, you can do these on multiple labels at the same time.


Check account and labels history

The Account page has settings for store information and time zone. In addition, you can click "View labels history" to see all successfully created and refunded labels.

Give us suggestions

If you have any suggestions, you are welcome to submit them on the Dashboard.

Updated on: 10/04/2023

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