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TrackingMore Introduction

TrackingMore, the world leading E-Commerce tracking solution, helps businesses improve customers' post-purchase experience.

Advantages of TrackingMore

Access to 1000+ couriers
Stability and rapidity performance
24/7 global customer service
various options for business retailer to choose

Key features:

Multiple Import methods

Trackingmore provides multiple import methods for you to upload tracking number to Trackingmore platform. Single parcel import, multiple parcel import and CSV upload are main method used by our member, you are simply input a tracking number, we do rest things for you.

Easy access to Branding Tracking Page

Host your own Order tracking page to enable your online shoppers to revisit your site. Provide a pleasent experience to build their confidence and loyalty in your brand.

Notify shoppers

Turn your shoppers into brand advocates with engaging updates from an order is shipped to it is delivered.

API/webhook integration

Provides comprehensive courier tracking APIs to simplify and streamline your carrier network. Receive real-time shipping events through webhooks to take immediate action.

Updated on: 17/03/2023

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