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How can I get 7-day free trial of Pro Plan?

When you register a TrackingMore account for the 1st time
Sign up a TrackingMore account
Fill in registration info: first name, last name, email address, password
Click “start free trial”& you’ll get a verification code in your email, then input the verification code to log in TrackingMore account
Choose one type you’re belonging to and click “welcome to TrackingMore” to start 7-day free trial of pro plan
Go back to TrackingMore home page, you can check that you’re now under the 7-day free trial of pro plan

After the 7-day free trial of pro plan expires, you can click any features of a paid plan to extend the free trial of pro plan,
For example, click “export” in TrackingMore Shipments page, click “add tracking page” in TrackingMore Tracking Page etc;

add tracking page

Click “start free trial” to experience the 7 day free trial of pro plan;
Add payment method: fill in card number, expire date, CVC, country—->click proceed
Then TrackingMore will charge you $1 for card verification and refund it after the success process (you can check it in payment & invoice);
After the 7 day free trial, you will be automatically subscribed to pro plan at $74 monthly; But if you don’t want to subscribe to the paid plan, you can cancel it within the 7 days before it’s expired. (For cancellation, please refer to this doc: Unsubscribe Plan/Cancel Subscription | TrackingMore Help)
fill in bank card
Settings--->payment & invoice
$1 refunded & payment card bound successfully with TrackingMore

1. If the 50 free quotas are used up even if the free-trial doesn't expire, you'll not be able to access to all paid features but only free features;
2. If the free trial expires even if the 50 free quotas not used up, you'll not be able to access to all paid features but only free features.
For all plan & features, please go here:

1. The 1st time of free trial of pro plan doesn't need binding your payment card with TrackingMore, while after the 1st time of free trial, you'll have to click any features of paid plan & bind your bank card with TrackingMore so that you'll have another 7 day free trial of pro plan.
2. Only after you bind your card with TrackingMore with $1 deducted & refunded, you can cancel subscriptin of the free-trial in payment & invoice
3. Kindly please don't worry as we'll not charge you if you don't bind your card during your 7-day free trial & after the free trial expires, you'll be downgraded to free plan permanently if you have not any upgraded.
4. For extending 7-day free trial of pro plan, TrackingMore doesn't have a 30-day free trial, but users can subscribe the 7-day first, cancel before 7-day expires and re-subscribe another 7 days.
5. For users who forgot to cancel the plan before you’re charged, we’re sorry to tell you that we won’t refund. Kindly please refer to the tip 12.4 in our Terms of Use here: Terms of Use - TrackingMore

Updated on: 22/07/2023

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