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Update TrackingMore Subscription Plan (Upgrade/Downgrade Plan)

Need to update your subscription plan?

TrackingMore enables you to upgrade/downgrade the existing plan. Select a subscription plan depending on your business requirements, and you are good to go.

👍 Change subscription plan (TrackingMore billing users)

Go to TrackingMore Settings ---> Click "Upgrade" >choose pay monthly or pay annually & slide the round button to the lower/higher shipments you want--->choose the plan---> start subscription
Choose a plan
Start subscription
The effective date of plan

When the shipments chosen exceed the max shipments of Plan A, it will show shipment limit exceed in the Plan A & you cannot choose Plan A but plan A+. For example, when you slide the shipments button to 200 shipments, in FREE plan, it will show shipment limit exceed & you cannot choose Free Plan but the higher plans: basic/pro/enterprise.
Shipment limit exceeded

1. An upgrade in the Subscription plan will come into effect immediately, while a downgrade will be effective from the next billing cycle (after the completion of the current billing cycle). Each billing cycle is of 30 days.
2. Upgrading from a lower monthly plan to a higher monthy plan, or from a lower annual plan to a higher annual plan will not affect the billing cycle. Instead, what's effective immediately is the plan that you have upgraded to, which results in more quota. Also, on the next billing cycle, since you have upgraded your plan, it will automatically charge you on the Higher Plan.
3. For shipments over 1,000,000 monthly or 12,000,000 annually , we can customize the Enterprise Plan, please "contact sales" & our support team will reach out to you or you can sent enquiry to our

Updated on: 06/07/2023

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