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SMS Notifications via TrackingMore

TrackingMore users can send the shipment notifications via SMS to their customers. End-users receive the SMS notifications on their registered phone numbers.

Make sure to input the "+" sign together with the country code, area code and phone number. TrackingMore follows phone number format rule: +country code+number (no blank between country code & number)

👨‍💻 Enable SMS Notifications
Log in to your TrackingMore account
Go to the Notifications tab to access 'Email & SMS' settings--->Choose "SMS" section
Enable email notifications as per business requirements: notifications to your customers & to your internal users
Notifications to customers: enable one or more shipment statuses (transit, pickup,delivered, undelivered, exception) you want notifications to your customers & edit SMS template

Notifications to your internal users: you can go to "notifications to you" in "Email & SMS" notifications or go to TrackingMore settings
---> Notifications to enable SMS notificaion for the 5 statuses(transit, pickup,delivered, undelivered, exception)

1. Right now there are only 5 shipment statuses both users & users' customers will receive mail with the shipment status updates.
2. You need edit each email template in each different shipment status.
3. Please make sure you fill in your customers' valid phone number when importing shipments so that your customers will receive the notificaions.

After email notification enabled, you can check whether email sent successfully in notifications history or in events of a specific tracking number in shipments page.
Notifications history

Events in TrackingMore shipments page

In case you need help with setting up email notifications, contact our customer service support team at or on the live chat right away. 🙂

Updated on: 01/04/2023

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