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Change received email of "notification to you"

"Notification to you" of any shipment status enabled is sent to your TrackingMore master account registration email by default. So, if you want it to be received to another new email, how can you accomplish it?

There are 2 methods below:

1. Change the master accout registration email

Log in TrackingMore master account--->go to settings --->Go to profile --->click "change email"
change email

2. Add the new email address to each shipment when importing shipments to TrackingMore portal (please add the email in the corresponding email sections of different importing shipment methods)

Add the new email in the email section of customer information part when Importing a Shipment to TrackingMore by TrackingMore Web

Add the new email in the customer_email column of the csv template when Importing Multiple Shipments to TrackingMore by CSV

Add the new email in the customer_email field of the create API when Importing a Shipment/Multiple Shipments by TrackingMore API

Add the new email in the corresponding email sections when Auto Sync Shipments to TrackingMore by Connecting Stores with TrackingMore

Note: If you want to send the "notification to you" to your sub-account email address instead of the master account email,
For method 1, you need to delete the sub-account first, then change email from the master account email to the sub-account email;
For method 2, please be careful as it will not send notificaitons to your customers but your internal users & make sure you don't want your customers to receive any notificaions but you.

Updated on: 10/05/2023

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