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Auto Sync Shipments to TrackingMore by Connecting Stores with TrackingMore


How to connect your Stores with TrackingMore to get an Automatic Synchronization of your orders to TrackingMore

TrackingMore provides various 3rd-party applications including Amazon, WooCommerce and other platforms. You can connect your store to us & we will auto sync your orders to your TrackingMore account.

📢 What you’ll learn

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to:
Connect Stores with TrackingMore in General
Connect Stores with TrackingMore in Details

Connect Stores with TrackingMore in General

Log in TrackingMore account
Go to Apps
Add Apps
Choose one App: Google Fetch CSV/Woocommerce/Amazon/Klaviyo
Fill in the necessary info
Google Fetch CSV
Info for Google Fetch CSV

Info for Woocommerce

Info for Amazon

API Key for Klaviyo

Install App
Add Apps

Connect Stores with TrackingMore in Details

Below are some articels on how to connect stores with TrackingMore:
Connect Google Auto Fetch CSV
How to Connect WooCommerce with TrackingMore
How to integrate Klaviyo with TrackingMore

1. For Google Fetch CSV, Duplicate shipments will not be imported or overwritten. Files must not exceed 5 MB or 10,000 shipments.
2. For Woocommerce, TrackingMore automatically import shipments created at WooCommerce every 3 hours.
3. For Amazon, TrackingMore will automatically import MCF shipments created at Amazon Seller Central every 3 hours
4. For Klaviyo, Please wait 24 hours for TrackingMore sync All event matrics to your Klaviyo account.

Updated on: 26/10/2023

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