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About "Exception" Shipment Stauts

What's "exceptions" Shipments?

The package might have been sent to the sender, damaged, lost or other exceptions.

How to identify "exception" shipments in TrackingMore?

There are 2 methods to identify "exception" shipments in TrackingMore.

➡️ Basic Method

It comprises multiple ways to identify exception shipments

Search Specific "Exception" shipments
Go to the TrackingMore Shipments Page and insert tracking numbers in the search field to find exception shipments.
Search a Specific Exception Shipment
You can do a bulk search to save time significantly by double-click the search field & put each Tracking Number/Order Number each line up to 500.

Filter "Exception" shipments by status
Go to the TrackingMore Shipments Page and set status exception shipments using filters.
More Filter
Status Filters

Sort "Exception" shipments by status
Go to the TrackingMore Shipments Page and simply sort exception shipments.
Sort exceptions shipments

Filter exception shipments based on the checkpoint date
Go to the TrackingMore Shipments Page and set the checkpoint date to find out the most recent exception shipments.
Filter exceptions by the Latest/Oldest Date

➡️ Advanced method

👉 Set auto alerts for yourself and your team

Go to the Notifications and choose "notifications to you" , then scroll down to Exception to enable email or SMS notification or both.
Notification to You
Exception notification enabled

Please note that charges for SMS notifications are not included in any of our paid plans.

How to handle exception shipments using TrackingMore?

Add labels to exception shipments that need attention, for example, add "return to sender" label
Filter shipment by added labels
Set up an automated email workflow to notify customers when the shipment status updates to/remains an exception
Add Label
Email Notification to Customers for Exceptions Shipments

How can I get detailed data about my exception shipments?

Go to the TrackingMore admin Home Page > Check exception shipment percentage & calculation.
Exception Dashboard

Updated on: 22/03/2023

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