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9 Main Statuses & Sub-Statuses of Shipments in TrackingMore

TrackingMore services use 9 key statuses to auto-tag various delivery checkpoints when getting tracking information from the courier.

Main Status of Shipments

Status Namestatus_codeDescription
Info ReceivedinforeceivedThe courier has received the package info and is about to pick up the package.
In TransittransitThe package is in transit and has a good transportation condition.
Out for DeliverypickupThe package has arrived at the local point or is on the way to your home.
Failed AttemptundeliveredThe delivery of the package was attempted but failed due to some reasons. Usually, the courier will arrange another delivery soon.
DelivereddeliveredThe package has been delivered. Congratulations!
Not FoundnotfoundThe tracking info is not available currently. But you may track it after a while.
ExceptionexceptionThe package might have been sent to the sender, damaged, lost or other exceptions.
ExpiredexpiredThe package has no tracking updates for 30 days since the last tracking checkpoint updates before delivered
PendingpendingThe package is pending as the courier did not return the tracking infomation.

Sub-Status of Shipments

Sub-Status Namesubstatus_codeDescription
Info Receivedinforeceived001The package is waiting for courier to pick up
In Transittransit001Package is on the way to destination
In Transittransit002Package arrived at a hub or sorting center
In Transittransit003Package arrived at delivery facility
In Transittransit004Package arrived at destination country
In Transittransit005Customs clearance completed
In Transittransit006Item Dispatched
In Transittransit007Depart from Airport
Pickuppickup001The package is out for delivery
Pickuppickup002The package is ready for collection
Pickuppickup003The customer is contacted before the final delivery
Delivereddelivered001Package delivered successfully
Delivereddelivered002Package picked up by the addressee
Delivereddelivered003Package received and signed by addressee
Delivereddelivered004Package was left at the front door or left with your neighbour
Failed Attemptundelivered001Address-related issues
Failed Attemptundelivered002Receiver not home
Failed Attemptundelivered003Impossible to locate the addressee
Failed Attemptundelivered004Undelivered due to other reasons
Exceptionexception004The package is unclaimed
Exceptionexception005Other exceptions
Exceptionexception006Package was detained by customs
Exceptionexception007Package was lost or damaged during delivery
Exceptionexception008Logistics order was cancelled before courier pick up the package
Exceptionexception009Package was refused by addressee
Exceptionexception010Package has been returned to sender
Exceptionexception011Package is being sent to sender
Not Foundnotfound002No tracking information found
Expiredexpired001The package hasn't been updated for a month, or it hasn't arrived for two months. When this happens, please contact the Courier for more details

Updated on: 25/01/2024

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