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Import a Shipment to TrackingMore by TrackingMore Web

How to Import a Shipment to TrackingMore

Go to TrackingMore Shipments Page
Click Add Shipment
Enter a valid Tracking Number & choose the correct Courier Name to add a shipment successfully or enter a valid Tracking Number only to get an auto-detect carrier result to add a shipment successfully

Tracking Number is Required
Carrier is not required but it's better to fill in it as it will be more accurate because only by filling a Tracking Number to detect a carrier will have a 92% accuracy rating instead of 100%
Other parameters like Shipment Information(Origin Country, Destination Country), Oder Information(Order Number, Order Date...), Customer Information(Name,Email...) & Additioanl Infomation are Optional

Shipments--->Add Shipment

Enter a Valid Tracking Number & Choose the Correct Carrier Name

Updated on: 31/03/2023

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