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Import a Shipment to TrackingMore by TrackingMore Web

How to Import a Shipment to TrackingMore

1. Tracking Number is Required
2. Courier is not required but it's better to fill in it as it will be more accurate because only by filling a Tracking Number to detect a carrier will have a 97% accuracy rating
3. Other parameters like Shipment Information(Origin Country, Destination Country), Oder Information(Order Number, Order Date...), Customer Information(Name,Email...) & Additioanl Infomation are Optional

Go to TrackingMore Shipments Page
Click Add Shipment
Shipments--->Add Shipment

Enter a valid Tracking Number & choose the correct Courier Name to add a shipment successfully or enter a valid Tracking Number only to get an auto-detect carrier result to add a shipment successfully
Enter a Valid Tracking Number & Choose the Correct Carrier Name

Once the shipment is added, it will display on the Shipments dashboard
Click on individual shipments to view their complete details on the side panel
Complete details

You can edit the shipment details, customer information, and add additional info as per your requirement on this side panel.
Edit shipment details

Edit customer info

Edit additional info

Duplicate or identical tracking numbers can be imported to TrackingMore only when they have different couriers.

Updated on: 19/10/2023

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