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Auto Fetch by using Google Spreadsheet

Open a Google Drive Spreadsheet

Download TrackingMore Full Sample V2
Copy and Paste the template to Google Drive Spreadsheet
Click Share to change share settings

Note: Please DO NOT delete/add/move any columns
Share google spreadsheet

Change Access Settings

Click Get shareable link
Choose Anyone with the link can edit
Click Copy link and Done
Google spreadsheet permission

Connect with TrackingMore

Go to Trackingmore backend, click APPSAdd AppsGoogle Fetch CSV
Paste the link, choose sync time, fill in store name and click Install App
Google auto fetch
Paste the link, choose sync time, fill in store name
Install App
Click Import Now or the small green refresh button to sync all the orders that you fulfilled in your Google spreadsheet
Sync orders

1. Each Google Sheet only supports up to 10,000 shipments and you'll need to bind different Google Sheets if you have more than 10,000 shipments to import once. And it supports unlimited Google Sheets binded.
2. Auto sync time is 00:00 (GMT+0) and you can also customize your own sync time at max 3 different sync times per Google Spreadsheet.
3. Feed URL & Sync time is required, while store name is optional.

Updated on: 01/11/2023

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