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How to integrate Klaviyo with TrackingMore

Here are the steps to connect Klaviyo with Trackingmore:

Sign in to TrackingMore account
Make sure you have an active Klaviyo account & log in here
In Klaviyo, go to Settings > Account > API Keys > Public API Key, copy the public API key
Copy klaviyo public API key
In Trackingmore, paste in the klaviyo public API key and click Install App to set up this integration
Add Klaviyo
Fill in Klaviyo plublic API Key and Install App
Once you enter your Klaviyo API Key, you can use Trackingmore event metrics to trigger a flow.

Setup notification in Klaviyo

Go to Flows page

Click "Flows" section

Create flow from scratch or any existing flow

Flow > create flow

Create from scratch

Name the flow, select a tag or create a new one >> create flow

Klaviyo Flow editor

Setup trigger by choosing Trackingmore event in Metric

Select the flow > metric

Choose trackingmore event & done

Choose any of Dimension of Trackingmore event
Trigger filters
Add a trigger filter
👀 Choose CurrentStatus, contains instead of "equals" and type: list & leave dimension value blank to trigger all TrackingMore events: notfound, info received, transit, delivered, exception, expired
Trigger all trackingmore events & save

👀 Choose CurrentStatus, equals , a specific status in dimension value type: text to trigger a specific TrackingMore event
Choose a specific dimension to trigger & save

Update action statuses and done
Update action statuses

Available dimension of Trackingmore event inside Klaviyo:

Property nameTemplate tagExample
CarrierName{{ event.CarrierName }}dhl
CarrierContact{{ event.CarrierContact }}Contact number
TrackingCode{{ event.TrackingCode }}RA123123123CN
OrderNumber{{ event.OrderNumber }}#12345
CurrentStatus{{ event.CurrentStatus }}Delivered
Substatus{{ event.Substatus}}delivered001
ExpectedDeliveryDate{{ event.ExpectedDeliveryDate }}2021/10/22
LastestCheckpointTime{{ event.LastestCheckpointTime }}2021/10/22 21:16
TransitTime{{ event.TransitTime }}7
OrderEmail{{ event.OrderEmail}}
OrderPhone{{ event.OrderPhone }}+4478 2989 2347
OriginalCountryCode{{ event.OriginalCountryCode }}GB
DestinationCountryCode{{ event.DestinationCountryCode}}GB
ProductNames{{ event.ProductNames}}Product name
CustomerName{{ event.CustomerName}}Joe
CarrierTrackingLink{{ event.CarrierTrackingLink}}Carrier tracking page URL
OrderDate{{ event.OrderDate}}2022/06/05 12:00
Note{{ event.Note}}Custom text

Variable name:  CurrentStatus

notfoundPackage tracking information is no available yet
infoReceivedThe courier has received the package info and is about to pick up the package
transitCourier has picked up package from shipper, the package is on the way to destination
deliveredThe package was delivered successfully
expiredNo tracking information for 30days for express service, or no tracking information for 60 days for postal service since the package added
exceptionPackage missed, addressee returned package to sender or other exceptions

Variable name:  Substatus

delivered001Package delivered successfully
delivered002Package picked up by the addressee
delivered003Package received and signed by addressee
delivered004Package was left at the front door or left with your neighbour
exception004The package is unclaimed
exception005Other exceptions
exception006Package was detained by customs
exception007Package was lost or damaged during delivery
exception008Logistics order was cancelled before courier pick up the package
exception009Package was refused by addressee
exception010Package has been returned to sender
exception011Package is beening sent to sender
transit001Package is on the way to destination
transit002Package arrived at a hub or sorting center
transit003Package arrived at delivery facility
transit004Package arrived at destination country
transit005Customs clearance completed

Updated on: 26/10/2023

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