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How to Connect WooCommerce with TrackingMore

TrackingMore Parcel Tracking Plugin Installation on WooCommerce

Installation Steps

1) Install & Activate TrackingMore Plugin in WordPress Admin
Login in WordPress admin account—>Click “Plugins”--->Click "Add New"—>Click "Install Now"--->Click "Activate", then you can search key words "TrackingMore" in "plugins"---> "installed plugins" to see it in the list

Search & Install TrackingMore Plugin on WooCommmerce

Activate TrackingMore Plugin on WooCommerce

2) Click "Permalinks" in WordPress Settings
Scroll down your mouse to “Settings” in WordPress admin—>Click "Permalinks"--->Click "Save Changes", then you will see TrackingMore Plugin there below
Click "Permalinks" in WordPress Settings
Click "Save Changes" in Permalinks

3) Activate Commonly Used Couriers & Open "Use Track Button" in TrackingMore Plugin Settings
Click "TrackingMore" Plugin—>Activate your commonly used carriers in "Carrier" section by one clicking in the carrier box & search the carrier's name to choose it—>Open “Use Track Button”--->Click “Save Changes.”
Activate Commonly Used Couriers & Open "Use Track Button"

4) Add Tracking Number & Courier in Woocommerce
Click "Wocommerce"--->Click "Orders"--->Click a specific order to enter the order details page—>Click "Add Tracking Number" to add Tracking Number & Carrier, afterwards you can click the added Tracking Number to be directed to TrackingMore track page
Enter Order Details Page on WooCommerce
Add Tracking Number & Courier to WooCommerce Order

5) Generate TrackingMore’s WordPress API Key
Go to "Users" in WordPress admin--->Click "Profile"--->Open "generate API Key" by scrolling down your mouse to TrackingMore’s WordPress API Key section—>Scroll down to the bottom to click "Update Profile"
Generate API Key
Click "Update Profile"

6) Sign up a TrackingMore account & Connect Woocommerce App with TrackingMore
Sign up & Login in TrackingMore account—>Go to "Apps"-->Click "Add Apps"--->Choose "Woocommerce"--->Input WooCommerce Store Url, copy & Paste the TrackingMore WordPress API Key—>Click "Review" to make the connection successfully (You may find "Finding WooCommerce API Key at WordPress" article helpful
Add WooCommerce App
Add WooCommerce to TrackingMore

* In step 2), pleas make sure you clicked "permalinks" & "save changes", otherwise it will turn out the following error: API Key not working as the below screenshot shows
No Permalink Error
* In step 3), please make sure you clicked "save changes", otherwise you’ll not allowed to choose from the carrier list when adding tracking number & carrier for a specific order in step 4);
* In step 5), please make sure you clicked "update profile", otherwise no API Key will be generated;
* In step 6), please make sure you put the right WordPress store URL, API key & clicked "review", otherwise the Woocommerce App will not be bound succesfully as the below screenshot shows
Wrong WordPress Store URL or API key not working
In this case, you can click "revoke API key" in Profile--->generate API key--->copy & paste the new API key
* This plugin requires at least PHP 5.2.4
* This plugin requires at least WooCommerce 2.1

Updated on: 26/08/2023

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