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Can I retry Webhook when I cannot receive Webhook?

For the matter of not receiving webhook, no matter what issues on user's end, TrackingMore will retry it 13 times.

TrackingMore sends event driven data to webhook URL via POST method. In case of an unsuccessful event (HTTP response code NOT between 200 and 299), TrackingMore attempts to deliver your webhooks for up to 14 times with an exponential back off.

The current attempt webhook delay is calculated by this formula: 2^(number of retry) x 30s
For example, If the attempt fails, TrackingMore will retry the 2nd attempt 30s later. If the 7th attempts fail, TrackingMore retry the 8th attempt 960s later If the 14th attempts fail, TrackingMore will not send out that webhook any more.

Retry Webhook

Updated on: 31/03/2023

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