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TrackingMore Detect API

What's Detect API?

Detect API in TrackingMore means detecting couriers of a tracking number. There maybe 1 or more couriers detected for the same one tracking number.
Usually, when there are 2 or more couriers detected, please choose the first courier to create a tracking, otherwise it will consume you duplicate or more quotas;
If the tracking number imported with the first detected courier is notfound, please re-create the tracking number with the 2nd detected courier.
But as our detect accuracy is not 100%, it's better to create a tracking/trackings via API with courier_code input if you have idea about the courier.

Below are detect API in the existing 3 versions of TrackingMore API.

API VersionAction of Detect API
V4detect courier
V3detect courier
V2detect courier

It's suggested to use V4 detect API as V4 has more advantages than that of V2 & V3:
1. V4 detect API has more accuracy (UP TO 97%) than that of V2 & V3;
2. V4 detect API is FREE, while V2 & V3 detect API wil consume 0.2 quota per detect.

Updated on: 19/04/2023

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