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Something You need to know about TrackingMore API & Webhook

TrackingMore API version must be consistent with Webhook version. That is, if TrackingMore API version is V4, the webhook version MUST be V4. So is V2 & V3.

TrackingMore API V4
Webhook V4

TrackingMore API V3
Webhook V3

TrackingMore API V2
Webhook V2

1. It's better to use TrackingMore API together with Webhook, just like the relation between cups & lids. 😀

2. There are other ways to use TrackingMore API or Webhook so that you can get tracking results of a shipment/shipments (Below API & Webhook are referring to V4 version)
Way 1: Create API + Get API
Way 2: Create API + Webhook
Way 3: Import a Shipment by TrackingMore Web + Webhook
Way 4: Import multiple shipments by CSV + Webhook
Way 5: Auto sync shipments by connecting stores with TrackingMore + Webhook
Way 6: The 1-5 create/import + manage shipments in TrackingMore shipments page

Updated on: 22/05/2023

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