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Check Shipment Reviews to Be Familiar With Shoppers’ Experience

TrackingMore shows shipment reviews to let merchants understand what kind of post-purchase experience their shoppers have got. This guide will tell you all everything about shipment reviews analytics.

➡️ Information to keep in mind

With shipment reviews analytics, you can easily check both good and bad reviews. Plus, you get a breakdown of star ratings, and that gives you a clear idea about the areas where your brand excels and struggles.

You can set the date range to check reviews gathered during your defined period. Plus, you can set carrier as a filter to identify the performance of your carrier partner.
Date range is last 180 days max.

What's more, you can get more precise results by simply monitoring top positive and negative tags.
Top positive
Top negative

Top positive tags are Contacted before delivery, Delivered early, and Delivered on time

Top negative tags are Stolen, Damaged, and Delayed

Shipment reviews feature is only available for Pro or higher plans.
Shipment reviews will only show on delivered status shipments.

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Updated on: 29/08/2023

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