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Get TrackingMore Tracking Page Analytics

πŸ“ˆ With TrackingMore Tracking Page analytics, you can enjoy the following advantages:

βœ… Streamline processes with an interactive dashboard

βœ… Generate tailor-made reports to audit and compare data

βœ… Study customer behavior by calculating pageviews, number of visitors (unique visitors), average session duration(average duration) & marketing clicks

βœ… Make informed decisions with easy-to-access tracking data (tracking clicks)

πŸ“ˆ How to get TrackingMore Tracking Page Analytics?

Go to "Tracking Page" ---> Click "anaysis"
Choose the tracking page you want to see the analytics
Customize the date range of the tracking page analytics
View "pageviews", "unique visitors", "average duration" by switching among them: moving your mouse there & clicking each section
View tracking clicks & marketing clicks

For marketing clicks, please make sure you have put marketing assets, navigation, shop link & social media when customizing your tracking page.

Go to the TrackingMore tracking page section and choose the page you want to edit
Click on 'Actions' and then choose Edit from the dropdown menu
Edit/Customize your tracking page

➑️ In the General section, you need to:
Enter your store URL
Insert the tracking ID from your Google Analytics
Enter your store url
Insert tracking id from your Google Analytics

➑️ In the Contents section, you need to:
Add marketing assets (up to 3 marketing assets now)

Note: Right now tracking page analytics can be accessible only within last 2 months (Time zone: UTC+0)

Updated on: 21/04/2023

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