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Add TrackingMore Track Button to Your stores or webs

How to add TrackingMore Track Button to your stores or your webs?

Go to TrackingMore track button frontpage
Customize track button:
Courier: Choose a specific courier or choose auto-detect for all couriers
Color: Click the color box to choose the color you want for the "track" button
Size: Customize the size(small or normal) of the "track" button, tracking number in the box,&TrackingMore branding
Width: Customize the width of the tracking number input box, either fixed or responsive
Customize "track" button color
Customize Size
Customize Width of Input Box

Copy & paste the 2 codes to your stores or webs

There are both advantages & disadvantages below:
1. Advantages:
* It's for free;
* You can enter directly to the public database;
2. Dis-advantages: the query/track speed cannot be guaranteed and some tracking numbers cannot be tracked as it's only available in paid plan, for example, DHL ecommerce.

Add TrackingMore Track Button to WordPress Tutorial Video

After that, you can now import your shipments to TrackingMore in any one of the 4 ways here.

Updated on: 21/04/2023

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