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Differences among 3 versions of TrackingMore API

TrackingMore API V4 is our newest API version, while API V3 & V2 are the old versions.

We have upgraded many new features and more datas into V4 version, please check the comparison.

Key comparison of TrackingMore tracking API:

Difference PointAPI V4API V3API V2
Rate Limit10 TPS1 TPS1 TPS
Response timethe fastestaverageaverage
shipment data46 objects33 objects33 objects
checkpoint datacountry to city levelcountry level onlycountry level only
Response CodeBoth HTTP & Meta codeMeta code onlyMeta code only
Detect API Free0.2 quota per request0.2 quota per request
Accuracy of Detect API New Detect model with 97% accuracylower than V4 APIlower than V4 API

Please don't worry about the the change from the old verion API to the new version. And there's no need of changelogs for switching to the latest version. You can follow the parameters of our latest API version and call it using your API key.
e.g. As the request structure and the response structures are different between the V2 and V4 of Airway Bill tracking, you can just follow the latest air waybill tracking parameters here

We highly recommend to use our latest API version based on the above differences, & the most important of all is that it's more accurate (detect courier is more accurate), more stable & less cost ($0 for detect API) .
For more info about detect API, please read this article: TrackingMore detect API.

For more details about how to integrate TrackingMore tracking API, please contact our support at

Updated on: 30/05/2024

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