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Examples of order status page add-ons

How to enable "Drive traffic from order status page" & customize order status page add-ons?

Go to Settings
Integrate with Shopify
Activate “Drive traffic from order status page”
Customize > customize Add-on type: Card or Add-on type: Plain button or both > don’t forget to “save”
customize add-on type Card: enable or disable EDD, Tracking number, customize order status names (ordered, fulfilled, has shipping update) & the corresponding order status description & others (EDD, track your order, tracking number)
customize add-on type Plain button: customize the button text and button text color, the default text is “Click here to get shipping updates”

activate and customize order status page add-ons
customize add-on type: card
customize add-on type: plain button

Examples of Order status page add-ons

After “Drive traffic from order status page”enabled, TrackingMore will automatically update Order status page with your customized add-ons as below:
You can find it on a specific order details page on Shopify orders > more actions > view order status page
more actions > view order status page

Add-on type: Card
Order status: ordered
ordered example

Order status: shipped (has shipping update)
shipped example

Add-on type: Plain Button
plain button: click here to get shipping updates

Note: add-on type: Card is only available in Basic and higher plans, while add-on type Plain Button is available in Free and all plans.

Updated on: 19/09/2023

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