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Replace native Shopify tracking link

Once your customer purchase an product from your Shopify store, they can find and track the order status from the tracking link on the Order status / Order Confirmation page.

TrackingMore is able to replace the native tracking link with your branded tracking page link and boost your brand awareness.

Branded tracking page powered by TrackingMore

How to replace native tracking link

Install TrackingMore app in your Shopify store

TrackingMore app (Shopify)

Go to settings > integrate with Shopify > Find the Replace native tracking link feature, and Enable the feature.

Enable "Replace native tracking link"

Choose either type of tracking link format and click Enable.
All formats of tracking links replace the default carrier tracking link and direct your customers to your branded tracking page powered by TrackingMore.

This shows the tracking number on the link.

If you are under Dropshipping mode, tracking link with order number and email is the best solution that your customer won't know the tracking numbers.

Note: Check the full Dropshipping mode here.

If you are under Dropshipping mode and your customer makes an order with phone number, please choose the method.

If you want to sync your past orders with new link, make sure you enable the Sync past orders checkbox. TrackingMore is able to sync your last 30 days orders with new link, this may takes a while depends on the quantity of orders on the last 30 days.

If you already choose link with order number format and you want to modify the customer email or phone numbers for any existing order, TrackingMore cannot automatically update the tracking link to Shopify. You need to update the modified order to TrackingMore first, then disable and enable the replace native tracking link with active Sync checkbox, then TrackingMore will re-sync the new tracking link to Shopify.

Updated on: 22/09/2023

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