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Settings for dropshipping


If you are using dropshipping method to ship your parcel, you can make some settings for dropshipping to increase your brand images.

Supported carriers

Trackingmore supports tracking commonly seen dropshipping carriers: China Post, China EMS, ePacket, AliExpress Standard Shipping, Global Cainiao, YunExpress, CJ Packet, YanWen, 4PX, Sunyou, etc.

Tracking page settings

First go to Tracking Page, there are two places where you may want to set up for your tracking page:

Tracking Page - Customize

Sometimes your customers may go far, looking up their orders with the tracking number somewhere else. You can allow your customers to track their orders only by order number + email or order number + phone number by the following steps:
Order lookup by order number + email or order number + phone number

And you can hide carrier's info & tracking number, also only show destination address in the map or do not display map in case an origin country address is displayed.
Hide carrier or tracking number in detailed info
Show destination in map or do not display map

Masking rules

You can add any word masking rule to ensure that no dropshipping-related information appears in the tracking history.
e.g. Replace entries containing "Cainiao" with "Package in transit"

Replace "cainiao" entries with "package in transit"

Notifications settings

Trackingmore - Customer notifications
If you're using Trackingmore customer notifications (can be set in Notifications), please carefully choose some of those variables: {carrier}, {carrier_contact}, {tracking_code}, {track_link}, {detailed_status}.
Customer notifications

Shopify Native Shipping Notifications
If you're using Shopify Native Shipping Notifications (can find guidelines in Settings > integrate with Shopify), remove tracking number and tracking link from Shopify email templates.
Shopify settings - notifications

Updated on: 19/09/2023

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