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Generate TrackingMore API Key

TrackingMore API helps build robust eCommerce platforms and streamline processes for developers.

How does TrackingMore API help?

📌 Automates the tracking process

📌 Offers easy API and webhook integration

📌 Enables tracking functionality

📌 Helps to send real-time delivery notifications

🌐 Create API key

Go to Developer navigation > API key page > Generate API key > enter API key name > save > copy or download the API key > got it
generate API key
enter API key name & save
copy or download the API key

🚫 Delete API key

Go to API key page > Delete the key by clicking 3 dots

delete API key

1. When naming an API key, it supports 50 characters max.
2. When an API key is generated, you can only copy or download your API key once, so to avoid any inconvenience, please copy and save your API keys.
3. When downloading the API key, please save it as text version.

1. One TrackingMore account supports only 4 API keys at most. After 4 API keys created in one account, "generate API key" button will appear in grey color and cannot be operated.

2. If you want more API keys, you can create a new TrackingMore account to get another 4 API keys at most or delete unused keys to generate new ones.
3. To ensure the security of the API Key, all TrackingMore API keys will be anonymous on September 1. as shown below.

4. You can create a new API key if you don't remember your previously generated API key.
5. We recommend you to change API keys periodically and delete unused keys. While deleting an API key, make sure it is not being used by any application.

Updated on: 02/08/2023

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