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How long will Webhook Notification be Pushed?

When any one or more of events/statuses enabled in Webhook, as long as TrackingMore has any new updates (either any update tracking info or new shipment status) of the tracking number within the set update time every 4-6 hrs, we'll push the webhook immediately.
But if we have too many shipments waiting in the queue to be pushed, the webhook notification will be delayed for a few seconds. Please don't worry as this is normal.

1. "Events/Statuses" contains all statuses & specific statuses;
2. All statuses including 8 main statuses: info received, in transit, out for delivery, failed attempt, delivered, exception, expired, notfound

You can go to set up webhooks here:

You can check webhook history here:

Note: TrackingMore only keeps webhook history within 30 days since the last webhook pushed.

Updated on: 31/08/2023

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