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How to Manage User Roles on TrackingMore

Roles provide different levels of access to members based on the task they perform. TrackingMore allows you to grant role-based access to members. When inviting members to the TrackingMore, you can control the privileges of the members by assigning different roles to them.

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In this tutorial, we will discuss:

How to add or remove a member in TrackingMore
How to transfer ownership

How to add or remove a member in TrackingMore

Go to TrackingMore Settings > Sub Account
Settings--->Sub account
Click "Invite member"
Enter the email address and select a role for the member
Click "Add"
Steps of "Inviting Member"

After the above steps, TrackingMore will send an invite email to the new member with a link to set up their TrackingMore account.
Invitation Email
After invitation accepted, then you can view the invitation status by logging in TrackingMore master account ---> TrackingMore settings---> Sub Account
invite member status

To delete or remove a member from your TrackingMore master account, click the delete icon against the member's name.
Delete the member
Delete a member
Note: You can invite up to 10 members in each master TrackingMore account

How to transfer ownership/role

Transfer ownership of master account
Go to TrackingMore settings--->Profile--->Click "change email"--->enter the password of old email account & click "confirm"--->enter the new email address & click "send verification code" to the new email, then click "update email" to finish it.
Confirm your old email & password
Update the new email

Transfer orole of member account/sub account
Log in TrackingMore master account ---> TrackingMore settings---> Sub Account --->Click "edit"---> change the role--->Click "update"
Change role of a member
Note: Only the Owner has the authority to transfer the ownership to any organization member.


Who can invite a member?
Only the owner of the TrackingMore master account can invite a member.

Who can configure the role of a member?
Only the owner or admin of TrackingMore master account can edit the role of a member.

Updated on: 28/03/2023

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