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Add Commonly Used Carriers

In April,2023, TrackiingMore launched an optimized feature-add commonly used carriers with more accurate carrier auto-correction in TrackingMore Shopify App.

In this feature, users can enjoy the below advantages:
More accurate carrier auto-correction: TrackingMore will use your commonly used carrier activated as the 1st priority detected result if you use TrackingMore auto-detect feature without filling in the carrier name when fulfilling your orders in Shopify & your commonly used added carrier is included in TrackingMore detected carrier result.

➡️ Modify settings for accurate carrier auto-correction
Go to settings
Active couriers
Click "Add carriers" to enter the carrier list page
Search the carrier you want to add in your commonly used list & click "enable"
You can remove the active carriers or set up tracking language of the active carrier
After that, the added carrier will be used as the detected result in priority if there is an added carrier in TrackingMore detected carrier result, whiile if an added carrier is not in TrackingMore detected carrier result, it will use the 1st detected result automatically by TrackingMore

settings > active couriers > add carriers
search and enable the commonly used carrier
remove or set up tracking language

1. When adding commonly used carrier in the carrier list page, it will only show 20 carriers each page. That is, if you want to activate 20 carriers each page, you'll have to select all 20 carriers each page and enable them all first, then go to another page & do the same action.
2. After commonly used carriers activated, the active carrier list will show there without turning the page.
3. You can remove any one or multiple activated commonly used carrier(s) from the list by sellecting one or more carriers & clicking "remove from active couriers"
remove active carriers

Updated on: 19/09/2023

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