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Change the default theme language of your tracking page

The theme language of any tracking page gets set to Chinese, English, French, Germany, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese or Custom. To let customers check the status of their parcel in the local language, you will have to change the language of your tracking page manually.

The theme section includes: titles, order lookup widget, input error alerts, standard status, non-standard status, special description, addtional shipment info & shipment review

2 ways to accomplish it:

1. Using TrackingMore tracking page--->edit language

Go to the 'Tracking pages' section and click 'edit language'
tracking page > edit language

Choose the language from the theme language dropdown & click save
(Right now we only support 7 theme languages: Chinese, English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese)

2. From browser settings

You can change your browser's default language settings to set up a native language display.

1. If you want your own copywriting in each theme section, please input your own description in each section box first & then choose the theme language you want, then it will automatically translate.
2. If the language you want is not supported in the theme language list, you must choose "custom" & edit all the default themes with your own language. For example, you want it to be Russian language, you must choose custom in the theme language dropdown & replace all the other box text with RU language, then click 'save'.

3. The edit language is only for theme instead of the whole page. So if you want your customers to see the whole tracking page in their local language, you can enable "Provide Google Translate Widget alongside shipment info" in the bottom section "Whole Page Translation for Viewer" , then click "save".

4. This is normal: After the language editing is done, the theme language will display as custom. You don't need to worry about this, as the language has been successfully set to the language you want, both on the edit language page and the tracking page.
5. For other languages you want to add, please kindly contact us on the live chat or at

Updated on: 30/05/2024

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