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How to set map showing on Tracking Page?

Setting steps:

Go to Tracking Page--->Click “customize”
Click “tracking history” to enter the map display page: choose parcel’s current location or destination or do not display
Back & open "tracking history"

Kindly note:
1. If you open parcel’s current location,
1) Only the latest status info includes current address(location), the map will display;
2) If the latest status info is not “in transit” or later status & without shipping address included, the map will not display;
3) Even if the address is parsed from the shipment status info, the map may not be displayed, because the address may have the same name or be wrong;
4) If the parcel is delivered, the map will show “ship to [destination]”

2. If you open destination,
1) Whatever the shipment status is, the map will display there & it will show info “ship to [destination]”.

3. So it’s highly suggested to open “destination” if you want map showing.

Updated on: 19/09/2023

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