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Lookup Widget: Track Orders by Phone Number

How can I set "track orders by phone number" for my customers?

Step 1: Go to TrackingMore App--->Tracking Page--->Customize
Customize tracking page

Step 2: Go to sections--->Order lookup widget
Order lookup widget

Step 3: Enable tracking numbers or order number with email/phone number or both, & you can also change the color of track button, track button text, track border & input text
Enable lookup by order number with phone number

Step 4: Don't forget to "save"

1. When you enable track orders by order number with phone number, valid order number & valid phone number are required to be input at the same time, then it will show track result.
2. Phone number must be input together with order number so that it will show track result.

Updated on: 19/09/2023

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