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Lookup Widget: Track Orders by Tracking Number or Order Number with Email/Phone Number

How can I set "track orders by tracking number or order number with email/phone number" for my customers?

Step 1: Go to TrackingMore App--->Tracking Page--->Customize
Customize tracking page

Step 2: Go to sections--->Order lookup widget
Order lookup widget

Step 3: Enable tracking numbers or order number with email/phone number or both, & you can also change the color of track button, track button text, track border & input text
Enable lookup by tracking number & order number with email
Enable lookup by order number with phone number
Enbale lookup by order number with email

Step 4: Don't forget to "save"

1. When you enable track orders by order number with email/phone number, valid order number, valid email address & valid phone number are required to be input at the same time, then it will show track result.
Here is the example:

2. When you don't change track button color, it will be default as the color in consistent with your web color.

Updated on: 19/09/2023

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