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Sync order status to Google Sheets automatically

How to sync order status to Google Sheets automatically from TrackingMore Shopify App?

Go to TrackingMore Integration navigation

Search "google sheets" or choose category > data to find Google Sheets App
Search "google sheets"
Or choose ategory > data to find "google sheets"


Input Google sheet link & connect
Please make sure your Google Sheet shared to us with Editor access.
Input Google sheet link & connect

Export by changing time zone or by creating new view page
Change time zone & choose view to export
Export all, shipping statuses or new view page

1. You can export any view that exists on Orders > Shipments page & create a new view by customizing your filter conditions and saving it as a view. Here is the guidance on creating a new view:
2. This sheet will be updated every day at 6:00 am in your timezone & you can change the timezone in settings > sync order
change timezone

Note: "Connect Google Sheets" is only available in Pro & higher plans. If you are under below Pro plan, you can upgrade your plan by choosing "upgrade" on the right top or going to settings > plan > change plan
change plan

Updated on: 25/09/2023

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