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How to Archive & Unarchive Shipments?


You can manually archive and unarchive shipments on TrackingMore shipments page.

How to Archive & Unarchive Shipments?

Go to TrackingMore Shipments page
Select the shipments you want to be archived (you can select specific shipments or filter some shipments here)
Click ... and choose Archive Shipment
Archive shipment
Once the shipment is archived, it will display on the Archive section of Shipments page
See archived shipments

You can also unarchive shipments/ archive restore shipments if you change your mind.
Unarchive shipments
After restored, it will go back to Shipments section and you can search them there.

Archived shipments will only display on the Archive section of Shipments page instead of Shipments section

Progress report

Once the archive or unarchive action is completed, there will be a progress report showing the results of the actions performed.

Here’s how it’s going to be

Archive restored

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Updated on: 30/05/2024

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