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Sub-status "exception010" & "exception011"

About Sub-status "exception010" & "exception011" in TrackingMore
exception 010 & 011

For sub-statuses (exception010 & exception011), the main status of the tracking number is fixed as exception unless the merchants mark as delivered manually;
For other exceptions, if changing to be delivered actually later, the main status will be changed into delivered in TrackingMore portal.

So when your shipments are in exception010 (has been sent to sender) or exception011 (is being to sent to sender) first, then delivered actually later, you can only manually mark it as Delivered as it will normally show as "Exception" in our system;
When other exceptions shipments are delivered later actually but with exception in TrackingMore System, this is a bug. Kindly please contact us to our official email address or on the live chat.

Updated on: 30/05/2024

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